Organizasyonlarda Yetenek Yedeklemesi Yoluyla İnsan Kaynakları Havuzu Oluşturulması: İstanbul İli Sarıyer İlçesi’nde Bulunan Orta Dereceli Özel Okullarda Bir Alan Araştırması

Behiye YILMAZ, Nuri AVCI


As management philosophy Human Resource Management focused on the human factor. In all fields of the life we can see the contribution of the gifted and talented people effort. Therefore the education of the gifted and talented individuals is an important issue all over the world. The purpose of this study through backing up the human resources in all organizations is to manage to build the pool of human resources. The research model ‘s the scanning model and researchers used Determination of Competence Scale, Employee Empowerment Scale, Identification of Skill Scale and Creating Talent Pool Scale as a data collection tool. In the study the average points of the opinions of the participants about identification of competences, talent pool development and to build a talent pool in businesses are not differ by gender (p<0.05), according to marital status opinion of creating talent pool is differ (p<0.05). All points that obtain from these scales have relation among them. In the futures studies researchers could be advised to use qualitative methods to identify and develop of skills in educational institutions.

Keywords: Talent, Empowerment , Core Competencies , Skills Backup , HR Pool

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