Approaches of Intellectually Gifted and Non-Gifted Students towards the Science Course

Handan ÜREK, Gamze DOLU


ABSTRACT: Science and technology course which has been started to be given from the 4th grade in elementary
level in the Turkish teaching programme, has a considerable place for both its requirement in today’s conditions and
the fact that it prepares students for high school level courses. Therefore, it is significant that all students should
develop positive views towards it as early elementary grades. In addition to the average people, intellectually gifted
ones are also valuable since they may contribute to their country and themselves by using their potential. For this
reason, a survey study was conducted with 141 participants to examine the tendencies of intellectually gifted and
non-gifted students towards science and technology course. In data gathering, a questionnaire developed by the
researchers was utilized. The results indicate that intellectually gifted students possess more positive tendencies
towards science than non-gifted students.
Key words: intellectually gifted students, science, approaches

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